Hamboards HST Carving Trucks 200mm

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  • Unique Quality: Makes your longboard into a carving surfskateboard
  • Comes With: Two HST trucks w/ medium red springs, 24mm black wood risers, M6-55mm hardware
  • See FAQ Page for Detailed Explanation and Installation Instructions
  • Used For: Carving and Shredding
  • Experience Level: Intermediate to advanced board riders


With our brand new trucks you can make your Hamboard carve harder than ever! They fit all Hamboards, from the Biscuit to the Classic.   Installation directions are provided in this VIDEO with more details on on our FAQ page.  NoteON YOUR LOGGER, YOU WILL NEED TO DRILL 4 NEW HOLES FOR THE FRONT TRUCK. Our brand new Hamboards Spring Torsion Carving Trucks (HST’s) are sold as fully assembled sets of two trucks outfitted with medium resistance (red) springs and massive 24 mm wood riser blocks (painted black). We recommend the light resistance (black) springs for advanced riders. The springs don't change the turning radius (or board lean) but they do change the resistance forces thereby influencing board stability and response.  


The first thing you’ll notice are the massive size and smooth, artisan curves. The total mass is 725g, which is only 65g (10%) more than the Original S8 we've been using for 15 years.  You'll never even notice it.  The base plate mounting block features four lancet arch shaped reliefs that are complemented by a raptor wing profiled hanger. This truck looks like it might actually be able to fly. The mounting block reliefs are not just for their aesthetic appeal as they provide enough clearance for a box wrench or socket driver to ease installation/adjustments. Don’t be fooled- these trucks may look massive but the combination of super lightweight T6 heat treated aluminum and the cavernous arrow tip cavity makes them super light without sacrificing strength. So long as they're lubricated and tuned properly, the spring torsion wave cam mechanism is profoundly robust.  The cam key secures the wave cam and lock nut tucked into a massive pivot cup.

The nylon plastic wavecams are both wear parts and fail-safe components.  In any mechanism there is wear.  So you need to maintain, lubricate and keep them tuned-up.  Also, in any highly stressed mechanism, like these trucks, a thoughtful engineer will design them so that an inexpensive and "simple to fix" component will break first... Like a "shear pin" in a power transmission between one shaft and another. "Fail safe" is a term known in the engineering trade for mechanisms designed to fail in a safe-as-possible manner. Meaning the entire system doesn't disintegrate... but rather only the "weakest link" fails and then stays put... And when it fails, the rest of the mechanism remains in tact...  When the wave cam breaks, the truck may not feel right, but hopefully parts don't go flying and people won't get hurt.  SAFETY was a prime driver for this design.  We're not saying these trucks can't be broken, we're saying that we've designed them to be as safe as possible when something does give-out.  

fail-safe ˈfāl ˈˌsāf/
  1. causing a piece of machinery or other mechanism to revert to a safe condition in the event of a breakdown or malfunction. "a forklift with a fail-safe device"

These new Hamboards Trucks took four years of designing, testing and improving to create their authentic style of riding. The HST’s are inspired by the Original S8 truck and their creation was an international effort: invented by a NASA Engineer, ride tested in America, designed in Europe and manufactured at the world's best truck factory in Asia.

Now that we’ve gone over the technical aspects, we’ll get plain and simple- these patent pending Hamboards HST Surfskate Trucks capture the surf feel and ignite an even greater Hamstoke. Riding with the HST’s creates a connection to the pavement like none other. These trucks allow the rider to challenge themselves and the board won’t falter. Only when you ride with the new HST’s will you understand the feeling.

Attribute Hamboards HST Original OS8
Total Weight 725g 657g (incl riser)
Baseplate Weight 260g 212g (incl riser)
Pivot Cup Wall Tickness 7.5mm 4mm
Height 86mm 86mm (incl riser)
Overall Length 110mm 110mm
Baseplate Length 91mm 89mm
Baseplate Width 55mm 55m
Center Axel Height 75mm 75mm
Hanger Length 200mm 200mm
Axle Length 268mm 280mm
Turning angle 28 degrees 28-29 degrees
Kingpin angle 50 degrees 50 degrees